Services and solutions

System and application software

Software development, IT process management systems, and infrastructure and mobile solutions

Business apps, mobile solutions, and IT infrastructure management tools improve business performance and process transparency, optimize IT system usage, and accelerate upgrades. To automate business processes, you can opt for custom software. We offer development from scratch, strategic consulting for developers, legacy system tailoring to new needs, and ad-hoc troubleshooting. Moreover, our integration solutions can help orchestrate all your systems for further IT infrastructure enhancement.

Data storage and computing systems

Data centers, clouds, data center outsourcing, and data storage

We supply, install, and set up computing and telecom equipment for data centers, while also offering our skilled technical support to make your infrastructure even more secure and powerful. To ensure efficient and reliable storage and information lifecycle management, we deploy data storage and processing systems. In addition, we offer infrastructure hosting in the cloud of our large-capacity partner, with several hypervisors being available, such as KVM, VMware, and Microsoft, which complies with Russian Personal Data Law (152-FZ).

Collaboration solutions

Unified Communications and video conferencing

Our telecom solutions can unite scattered branches and allow your employees to enjoy access to UC tools and effectively collaborate from anywhere, using any device.

Customer service improvement

Contact centers and voice solutions

Omnichannel contact centers automatically process typical calls, reduce agent workload, and manage service quality, thus providing the best possible customer experience. In addition, we offer speech analytics, biometric voice recognition, and integrated service quality management and assessment system.

Command centers

Design and installation of AV and technological equipment

Command centers help monitor objects and processes on any site and control all company communication tools, with relevant information being displayed on one or more screens.

Multimedia systems

Audio and video systems, Digital Signage, and lighting

Multimedia systems allow customers to reduce costs, streamline business processes, and improve performance. We partner with leading global vendors to develop the best-fit solution in line with customer needs.

Telecom infrastructure

Data networks, SDN, and NFV

We leverage our rich expertise in telecom systems, thus ensuring our deployments expand your infrastructure functionality, accelerate service roll-out, and improve network throughput, security, and fault-tolerance. Furthermore, virtual data network technology helps companies easily adapt to ever-changing business needs.


Physical security and fire safety

Integrated security systems are used to control access to guarded facilities and prevent, manage, and quickly respond to emergencies. Our engineers design, install, and maintain video surveillance and access control and management systems.

Automated facility management

Industrial automation and engineering system automation

Engineering system monitoring tools continuously monitor facility infrastructure state and aggregate data coming from all engineering systems to promptly alert a local emergency center or the Russian Ministry of Emergencies.

Engineering solutions

Uninterrupted power supply and lighting systems for buildings

We deploy turn-key power supply and lighting systems for buildings, using cutting-edge energy-efficient technologies so that you can optimize energy consumption and keep business processes running even in the event of a disaster.

Innovative solutions

VR, chatbots, IoT, and drone management systems

Ever-evolving VR, IoT, and bots now help not only win customers and improve a company's image, but also solve business-critical issues. Deploying drone command centers opens up new business development opportunities. Special-purpose software allows drones to ensure security and safety, monitor construction progress on large sites, survey industrial facilities and structures, build soil profiles, measure depths of water bodies, and solve many other tasks.